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Without art, women are silent.

We three and four swore to be sisters,

Like beautiful flowers and trees blossom in the same garden,

Like rivers converge from thousands of miles apart,

Like birds rest on the same tree and chirp together.

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A Nüshu poem like this has bonded generations of women in sisterhood, and affirmed their dignity in the face of daily struggles.

Today, with the rise of a global roll-back on women’s rights, Nüshu is back.

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The Hidden Letters impact campaign celebrates women's art as a means of resistance and resilience. Inspired by Nüshu, China's secret, endangered, female-only language, our campaign bonds women through art as a way to strive to let our authentic selves emerge. Designed by Jenny Yoo (@jnnyyoo), our poetic, custom augmented reality (AR) mask, allows you to bring this very poem below and the values of Nüshu onto and within your being!

Get the Mask!

mobile devices supported only

Take a selfie or video and tag @hiddenlettersfilm and #hiddenletters

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Your visual contribution will be included in our IG HIGHLIGHTS as part of our virtual gallery!

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