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Without art, women are silent.

The VIRTUAL GALLERY OF SECRET ART provides internationally accessible spaces for

women to weave a landscape, with art, that allows expressions of vulnerability,

resilience, and complexity of experience. The gallery selections will be curated by

established artists in multiple mediums.

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Beside a well

One does not thirst

Beside a sister

One does not despair

A Nüshu poem like this has bonded generations of women in sisterhood, and affirmed their dignity in the face of daily struggles.

Today, with the rise of a global roll-back on women’s rights, Nüshu is back.

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This gallery was made possible by:

Perspective Fund

InMaat Foundation


Our judges:

Britt Royer (St. Mary’s College Museum of Art)

Ali Fujino (Far Star Action Fund)

Sarah Vargas (Fresno Art Museum)

Beverly Hill (Gendercide Project)

Sabine Schumaker (BronxArtSpace)

Yoon Ju Ellie Lee (GYOPO)

Holly Wong

Jessie YingYing Gong

Ali Fujino

Violet DuFeng

Third Stage Consulting


Designed by;

Third Stage Consulting

Holly Wong

Twin Reality

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